Top Designs 2012 video



TASMIN O'NEILL: This exhibition is incredible. I am absolutely stunned by the quality of the work. By the level of detail. I find that really incredible. And I think they're such well-resolved projects.

ERICA HOFFMAN: What it means to be in this exhibition is my career is got a step forward that a lot of other people wouldn't. It's given me a lot of confidence to strive to enter things like Top Designs and for other people to appreciate my work. And definitely it's improved a lot of my work.

DARCY VESCIO: When I opened up the letter that said I'd gotten into Top Designs I almost squealed with excitement. Knowing that so many people are going to come through and see my work, it's really exciting. And it's really an incredible experience.

CHRIS MURPHY: My name's Chris Murphy. I'm a communication designer, a principal or a partner at Motherbird Design Agency based in Melbourne CBD.

It's an invaluable opportunity. That opportunity to push yourself, get work out there that can be seen by the public, be seen by the industry. And be exhibited amongst other young, talented people. I always courage all young professionals and students to really push themselves and extend themselves to think beyond the work that they have to do to work that they actually love doing and really get excited about themselves. Because often it's still those projects as a professional that you have that extended level of interest for that really get you motivated and often get your work seen.

MIKAELA HOFMAN: My teacher actually saw me in The Age. So I've got my name out there. Hopefully it will help me build up further, which is really great.

RAUDIE MCLEOD: It's a privilege. I feel very special to be selected amongst thousands of kids in the state to have my work exhibited in place like Melbourne Museum. Yeah, I feel really special.

GENEVIEVE KULESZA: My name's Genevieve Kulesza. And I was in the Top Designs exhibition in 2007. And since then I've been working as a fashion and textile designer and I'm currently based in Berlin.

My advice to VCE students would be to submit their work for selection for the Top Designs exhibition because there are over 2,000 people entering and the best of the best will be dug out from amongst that. So it's worth entering. And you never know if it could be you next year.


About this Video

Take a look at the amazing work in this year's exhibition, and hear from past and present Top Designers.
Length: 2:37