Ally the possum

by Max
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25 June 2013
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Ally the Possum Ally the Possum
Image: Simon O'Brien
Source: Simon O'Brien

Guess who's back! No it's not Slim Shady – it's Ally the albino possum! After assuming she was lost for good, we now have several confirmed sightings...well, sightings of an albino possum in the same neck of the woods. It was either Ally, or as our expert pointed out, it could be a 'once in a generation' relative. Anyway, there are photographs so you can be the judge.

Ally the Possum Ally the Possum
Image: Simon O'Brien
Source: Simon O'Brien

Simon from Hampton photographed her near Haileybury School in Hampton in early 2013 – that’s over two kilometres on the other side of the Nepean Highway from where she was first spotted. If you recall, she was brought to our attention by Steve Mitchelmore in January 2012, near Landcox Park in East Brighton. Apparently possums can range over large distances.

  Ally the Possum Up close and personal
Image: Rick
Source: Rick

She was also spotted and photographed by Rick who lives in East Brighton, again near Haileybury. Rick first spotted Ally in early 2012 with her mother, about the same time that Steve did. Six months later he saw her again, this time on the power lines – maybe that’s how she gets from one side of East Brighton to the other?

Such an adventurous possum - who knows where she’ll turn up next?

Comments (2)

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Ryan 26 June, 2013 03:25
Tess 27 August, 2016 09:55
Can't be the same one but I saw an albino possum last night on my walk home in Malvern! I'm not sure how long possums live so maybe it was!? She was at the base of a tree fossicking around being quite bold before scooting up it again. Great to see!
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