Popular ‘virtual goalie’ gets some new kicks

by Kate Phillips
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29 June 2016
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virtual reality soccer graphic with green background Planning for the film shoot involves working out how the players will move in the studio.
Image: Michael Wentworth-Bell.
Source: Reel Pictures

Time for an upgrade

Virtual Goalie interactive at Scienceworks, one of the most popular exhibits in the Sportsworks exhibition, is undergoing an upgrade with new technology and some of Victoria’s best young soccer players helping to make it an even better experience.

The exhibit will still allow visitors to play the role of a soccer goal keeper. The visitor tries to stop the virtual soccer ball getting past them and into the goal. It is a test of their reflexes, speed and anticipation.  Hints from a coach help each visitor improve their performance. In addition the new interactive will use a 3D active projection system and will have animation and effects that will bring to life a soccer stadium full of cheering fans, making it even more exciting.

Girl in soccer gear in front of green screen Virtual Goalie.
Source: Instagram@footballfedvic, Instagram, @footballfedvic https://www.instagram.com/footballfedvic/

The filming and production
To create the new exhibit six talented 14-16 year old soccer players from the State teams of Football Federation Victoria and their coach will be filmed in front of a green screen. The filming will take two days and involve 60 separate film sequences. To produce a stereo effect the footage will be taken by two cameras side-by-side.

The coach will be filmed providing instructions and feedback for the visitor. The young players will be filmed kicking a soccer ball towards the cameras. They will use a ping pong ball to avoid shattering the cameras! These film sequences will then have an animated ball and animated stadium backdrop added. They will be programmed into an exhibit that can detect and respond to the movement of a real visitor at Scienceworks.

Part of an inspiring exhibition

The Sportsworks exhibition is all about having a go at sports and seeing which ones you like. The exhibition also demonstrates how the science of sport helps players improve. The new Virtual Goalie with its young soccer stars and immersive action will no-doubt be an inspiration for girls and boys who already love soccer and those who might want to try it. The exhibit will open early September 2016.

People in a row in front of green screen Filming and production.
Image: Jill Mitchell

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Alf 30 June, 2016 10:09
This looks Great!
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