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by Ely Wallis
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29 March 2012
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Ely is responsible for publishing information about the museum’s collections online – on our own website and on websites run by others. Originally trained as a zoologist, she dropped into the relatively new field of museum informatics several years ago and has never looked back.

We're excited to announce the launch of Museum Victoria's channel on Historypin, joining other museums, historical societies, libraries, galleries, archives and individuals all sharing historic photographs online.

Screenshot of Museum Victoria's Historypin channel. Screenshot of Museum Victoria's Historypin channel.
Source: Museum Victoria / Historypin

Participants 'pin' their images to a place on a map and a point in time, and can record their stories about the photos. In doing so, the community creates together a rich resource for exploring history through space and time. To learn more about Historypin, watch this video, A Short Introduction to Historypin.


We have initially put up 500 images from the Biggest Family Album in Australia collection. There are fascinating images, from hailstones the size of tennis balls that fell in Charlton in 1914, to boys on tricycles in Corobimilla at Christmas in 1925. And all the photographs we've put on Historypin have a link back to our Collections Online site, so visitors can find out more about them.

In another part of the Historypin website, we have also included four images of Queen Elizabeth's visit to Melbourne in 1954. Pinning the Queen's History celebrates Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 with photographs taken throughout her long reign. Queen Elizabeth attended a State Reception at the Exhibition Buildings during her extensive 1954 tour of Commonwealth countries. You can follow her trip through the photograph archive, and even track the hats and outfits she wore right around the world!

More images will go up as we continue to generate latitudes and longitudes for the places photographed. We are excited to be a part of this rich new resource.

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Christopher 20 June, 2014 11:54
Since HistoryPin has no community feature, I've set up this Facebook page so we can find out people pinning new stuff in Melbourne! Maybe encourage more people to try... "Map Melbourne's History"
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