IMAX Melbourne tops global box office

by Natasha D
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10 May 2011
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This guest post comes from Natasha who works in public relations for IMAX Melbourne.

IMAX Melbourne Museum is astounded by the amazing response we’ve had from Melbourne viewers for the release of Born to be Wild 3D, which opened on 8 April.

Young elephants Young elephants playing in Born to be Wild 3D.
Source: IMAX

This gorgeous film about the amazing people who take care for orphaned baby orang-utans in Borneo and elephants in Kenya, has been so well received by a local audience that IMAX Melbourne has topped the global box office for April.

Born to be Wild: Global Top 3

  1. Melbourne
  2. Montreal OP
  3. Washington DC


We don’t know if it was the beautiful baby orang-utans, the sweet baby elephants or the amazing support we have received for this film from WWF-Australia, Zoos Victoria, the Herald Sun, The Circle, Peregrine Adventures, Mix 101.1 and World Expeditions... but IMAX Melbourne is delighted and humbled by this huge response!

young Orang-utan A young Orang-utan in Born to be Wild 3D.
Source: IMAX

You can find out more about Born to be Wild 3D or buy tickets on the IMAX website.

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Pat B 11 May, 2011 08:45
Brilliant! wish I had a baby orang-utan for a pet
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