Big Kids' Night Out

by Frances
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10 November 2011
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This post is by Science Program Manager, Frances Haire.

On Saturday 5 November we held the inaugural Big Kids' Night Out at Scienceworks. Over 600 big kids took over what is usually the realm of little kids. They played in the exhibitions, took a trip through our galaxy in the Planetarium, saw a show about the science of alcohol and learned how to make the perfect layered cocktail.

Two men at Scienceworks exhibition. Two big kids playing in the little kids' Nitty Gritty Super City exhibition.
Image: Dylan Kelly
Source: Museum Victoria

In the Experiment Zone, 'Test your senses' checked our visitors' eye dominance. When you look at something with both eyes, each eye is looking from a slightly different angle. The brain then pieces the two images together to form one three-dimensional image. Most people have a dominant eye, which means that when the brain compiles information from both eyes, the view from the dominant eye is favoured.

To test your eye dominance, make a circle with your thumb and forefinger. With both eyes open, look at an object and centre it inside the circle. Shut one eye, then open it and shut the other. Did the object move out of the circle when you shut one of your eyes? If so, that eye that you shut is your dominant eye. If not, you have no dominant eye.

At Big Kids' Night Out we tested the eye dominance of 223 big kids. Of the men tested, 48% were right eye dominant, 49% were left eye dominant and 3% showed no dominance. In women, there was slightly more variance with 43% favouring their right eye, 51% their left and 5% showing no dominance.

Eye dominance test results A graph showing the results (in percentages) of our eye dominance test.
Source: Museum Victoria

The big kids were all old enough to vote but they played like they weren't! Some were reliving childhood excursions while others had never been to Scienceworks and grabbed the chance to visit while the galleries were child-free.

Man in Scienceworks exhibition A big kid testing his perception skills in the Perception Deception exhibition.
Image: Dylan Kelly
Source: Museum Victoria

Next up for adult programming at Museum Victoria is the Cross(X)Species Adventure Club edible cocktail extravaganza at Melbourne Museum on 1 December. Keep your ears and eyes open for the next adults-only event at Scienceworks.



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