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by Kate C
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25 November 2013
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Two new flags are flying above the Royal Exhibition Building for On Top of the World: Flags for Melbourne. This public art project takes the NGV’s new exhibition, Melbourne Now, outside the gallery and to flagpoles across the City of Melbourne.

Melbourne Now flag John Warwicker's Melbourne Now flag flying above the Royal Exhibition Building.
Source: Museum Victoria

The first of the flags was unfurled at Princes Hill on Tuesday in tribute to Ivor Evans, a Princes Hill student who was one of the five winners of a public competition to design the current Australian flag in 1901. This design was first flown at the Exhibition Building, which was the seat of the federal parliament at the time. On 3 September this year, the Royal Exhibition Building celebrated the 112th anniversary of flying the Australian flag, while the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander flags have been permanent fixtures since restoration of the flagpoles at either end of the building in August this year.

Each of the art project's sixteen flags were designed by local artists; those flying from the Royal Exhibition Building are by designer John Warwicker. In his artist’s statement, Mr Warwicker explains his design as an acknowledgement of the connection of Aboriginal people to the land, with the sun shared between the traditional owners of Australia and the immigrants who settled here, guided by the Southern Cross. Mr Warwicker sought permission from Harold Thomas to adapt his iconic Aboriginal flag design, and Mr Thomas is expected to visit for a viewing early in the new year.

John Warwicker's Melbourne Now flags John Warwicker's Melbourne Now flags flying above the Royal Exhibition Building, with the Australian Flag up above.
Source: Museum Victoria

The flags will be in place until the Melbourne Now exhibition ends on 23 March 2014.

Comments (2)

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Pippa 8 January, 2014 16:43
This is amazing! Congratulations to everyone involved. Makes me proud every time I walk past the building. This flag should be the national flag!
Jez Kemp 18 January, 2014 22:40
Agree with Pippa, this is an excellent flag - great to look at and very symbolic too.
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