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by Kate C
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21 November 2013
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In the tradition of company sports teams, the museum's finest sportsmen are strapping on the shin guards at the Australian Corporate Games this weekend. We trust that the Museum Victorious Soccer 6 team's lineup will be as upstanding as the gentlemen of H.V. McKay's Sunshine Harvester premiership team.

HV McKay soccer team, 1947 Premiership soccer team comprising employees of the Sunshine Harvester Works, 1947. (MM 021692)
Source: Museum Victoria

Museum Victorious players were in fine form this afternoon at their final practice match upon their hallowed training ground, Carlton Gardens.

Men playing soccer Veegan demonstrating his fearsome left foot in action.
Source: Museum Victoria

Men playing soccer Herb keeps his eyes on the ball.
Source: Museum Victoria

If you'd like to cheer the men in MV green - Veegan, Nicholas, Peter, Herb, Paul, Andrew, Henry, George, Chris and Tony - come watch them play at Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park on Sunday 24 November. Their games are tentatively scheduled for 9:35 AM, 10:45 AM and 12:30 PM on external playing fields 3 and 4.

Team captain Veegan suggests you "bring a picnic, extra carbo-loading food or oxygen tanks."

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Veegan 26 November, 2013 09:52
“When truth gets in the way of fiction, print the legend.” On a dark and foreboding Sunday morning, ten 30+ men in MV green gathered at Albert Park and then strode as one onto the pitch like a scene from “The Right Stuff”. Within minutes of deft footwork, pinpoint crosses, graceful headers, rock hard defence and blistering strikes on goal, Museum Victorious were spent. The “Flying V” attack formation turned to a “Retreat And Help The Keeper” defence, with the motto rewritten from “Death From Above” to “It’s How You Play The Game”. It was apparent that the organisers felt intimidated by MV’s registration and immediately placed them in the top tier group pooling. Like the shores of Gallipoli, Museum Victorious was confronted with its own Baptism of Fire. Not one (intentional) backward step was taken, arms were linked and the team pushed forward knowing their ominous fate was but a matter of time (3 games of 2 x 15 minute halves). Hamstrings tore, then tore some more. Calf muscles blew out. Toes were split open. Quad muscles exploded. Osteitis Pubis flared up. And a few nasty grass stains spread across knees and elbows. Three games of death. Three massive, gut-running efforts. Three second place results. At the end of the day, nothing was left on the pitch (with the exception of four litres of sweat, three hamstrings, one calf muscle, one big toenail and a bucket of hubris). Highlights of the day include- Peter opening MV’s goal account with a beautifully trapped rebound pass from Nic, turn and top corner strike. Chris’ dazzling ball play around 47 defenders and lofty 9 iron chip over the goalie for Goal of the Tournament. Herb’s AIS-certified, medically proven, performance enhancing half-time scones with jam and cream- subsequently putting the fear of God into our next opponents. What didn’t kill Museum Victorious (and there were some close calls!) only made it stronger. The team now knows what it’s up against and has already begun pre-season for next year’s event (ice baths mostly). The results may have not gone the team’s way, but the camaraderie, team bonding and memorable moments will live on. “Audere est facere” To dare is to do.
Martin Gomon 2 December, 2013 10:07
No matter how many times I scoured the prose worthy text not a score was to be found.
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