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by Kate C
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3 October 2011
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Artist Joceline Lee has spent her last few Wednesdays in the basement of the Royal Exhibition Building among the palaeontologists, geologists, rocks and fossils. She is working on drawings for her first solo exhibition, Rendered Bones.

Joceline draws skeletons and anatomical forms in pen and ink which makes palaeontological specimens the ideal material for her. When I visited her at work, she was drawing an echidna skeleton that she'd selected from the collection. She was accompanied by her mentor Rob Delves, a sculptor who has worked with Joceline for seven years at Art Day South. This project is run by Arts Access Victoria in Melbourne's south-east to give artists with disabilities opportunities to develop their artwork through workshops, mentorships, collaborations and exhibitions.

  Joceline Lee and Rob Delves Joceline Lee and Rob Delves working on an echidna skeleton in the Museum Victoria Palaeontology Department.
Source: Museum Victoria

Rob said that when she first came to Art Day South, her drawings were intricate and very tiny. "Her linework was amazing in these little drawings and they just said 'skeletons'." He started bringing her photographs and models of animal skeletons about three years ago, and Joceline was hooked. "Then we brought in bigger things and it's grown from there." In July this year, MV's Discovery Program visited Art Day South bringing a tortoise shell, a huge model dinosaur leg, fossils and more for the artists to explore.

Joceline works slowly but steadily for hours at a time, with each drawing taking two to three weeks to complete. Rob loves her unique style of drawing. "She goes off in beautiful directions, with all this contrast... dark and fine lines."

Rendered Bones is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival program from 4 to 9 October in the No Vacancy Project Space in the Federation Square Atrium. Be sure to visit the exhibition if you'd like to see Joceline's distinctive interpretation of fossils, bones and skeletons.

Flyer for Rendered Bones exhibition
Flyer for Rendered Bones exhibition.
Image: Arts Access Victoria
Source: Arts Access Victoria


Melbourne Fringe Festival: Rendered Bones

No Vacancy Gallery: Rendered Bones

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Lorraine 3 October, 2011 16:01
Makes my heart sing.
Bernard 4 October, 2011 09:48
Clearly, a brilliant way of bringing the museum's collections into the community is to bring artists into the museum. More! More!
Genevieve 4 October, 2011 11:51
What beautiful and impressive artwork..
Pete 5 October, 2011 10:54
WOW, heading down tomorrow to check this out, looks amazing!
Lauren 7 October, 2011 09:51
Lovely drawings, great story... it would be fantastic to have a regular Artist-In-Residence program at the museum.
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