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by Tanya
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26 October 2011
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The 6th Science Centre World Congress was held last month in Cape Town, South Africa and the Planetarium's adventurous dog, Tycho, was there to take in all the action.

Special screenings of Tycho to the Moon were held at the Iziko Planetarium throughout the week of the Congress. And it seems that Tycho won the kids' hearts there just as he does here at home.

Tycho to the Moon in Iziko Planetarium Cape Town South Africa The audience enjoys Tycho to the Moon in the Iziko Planetarium, Cape Town, South Africa
Source: Sky-Skan

Tycho to the Moon is our longest running show at the Planetarium. It was the first show we produced for the Planetarium's move to Scienceworks. Hundreds of thousands of children have seen the show and we love hearing young Tycho fans lining up for yet another visit to see their favourite dog.

Of course being around for over 12 years, Tycho has had a few necessary modifications. He began life as a brown mutt, adorable but scruffy. The Tycho we're used to seeing today is a bit sleeker and shinier but he never lost his mischievous ways.

Tycho mission badges All good astronauts need a mission badge and here's Tycho's collection, from his original trip to the present day.
Image: Melbourne Planetarium
Source: Museum Victoria

Three years ago, when the show was converted to the Planetarium's fulldome format, we also took the opportunity to produce a Northern Hemisphere version of Tycho to the Moon. But of course some minor tweaks were needed first.

Since they can't see the Southern Cross over there, Tycho's favourite constellation became the Big Dipper, a prominent and well-known feature of the northern sky. And when the rocket leaves Earth, rather than blasting off from a backyard in Melbourne, we fly above the San Francisco area.

Now you may never have thought about it, but when you change hemispheres the Moon switches from being in the north to the south, as well as turning upside down! So while we see the phases of the Moon growing from left to right, in the northern hemisphere it's the exact opposite. I must admit it made for some tricky moments trying to work with something that's so familiar when you see it in Melbourne but so foreign when viewed from San Francisco.

But wherever he is Tycho still loves to watch for the Full Moon to rise. And when he sees it ... well if you don't know, you'll just have to come visit the Planetarium to find out!

publicity shot for Tycho on the Moon publicity shot for Tycho on the Moon
Image: Melbourne Planetarium
Source: Museum Victoria


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caroline mallett 26 October, 2011 13:32
Thats great news for the planetarium..
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