Whitley awards

19 September, 2008

Whitley Award
The authors holding their certificates of commendation. Left to right: Deanna Henderson, Jessie Sinclair, and Alan Henderson. Far right is Dr Noel Tait, Chairman of the Whitley Award Committee
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria

Three staff members from Melbourne Museum’s Live Exhibits Unit have been commended in the Young Naturalist category of the 2008 Whitley Awards.

Alan Henderson, Deanna Henderson and Jessie Sinclair, the authors of Bugs Alive: a Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates, were awarded one of eleven certificates of commendation in the awards, which are presented by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.

The Whitley awards recognise “outstanding publications” concerned with the “conservation of Australasian fauna". The Whitley medal was given to Christopher Dickman’s A Fragile Balance: the Extraordinary Story of Australian Marsupials. The Whitley awards have been hosted annually since 1979 and are named after Gilbert Whitley, an esteemed Australian icthyologist and curator.

Bugs Alive was released by Museum Victoria in February 2008 and contains detailed descriptions of over 90 species. The book includes numerous colour photographs and useful instructions on caring for, feeding and housing invertebrates.

Museum Victoria publishes titles on a broad range of subjects to interest a variety of audiences. These include monographs, collected essays, field guides and exhibition catalogues. Approximately nine titles have been released in the last year.

The certificate of commendation for Bugs Alive was presented by Dr Noel Tait, Chairman of the Whitley Award Committee.

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