Bugs Alive wins prize

08 April, 2009

Luke Simpkin
Luke Simpkin receives the award from Susan Hunt, President of ARAZPA and CEO of Perth Zoo on behalf of Live Exhibits and MV Publications.
Source: ARAZPA

Bugs Alive: A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates has won the 2009 award for best publication from ARAZPA, the peak professional body for Zoos, Parks and Aquaria in Australia and New Zealand. ARAZPA President and CEO of Perth Zoo Susan Hunt presented the award to Live Exhibits Manager Luke Simpkin at the annual ARAZPA conference at Sea World.

Susan praised the authors – Alan Henderson, Jessie Sinclair and Deanna Henderson of Melbourne Museum’s Live Exhibits unit – for the remarkable photography, clear layout and uniquely informative content. She made special mention of the high quality achieved in an internally produced publication, managed by MV Publishing. This award recognises the important contribution Melbourne Museum makes to the zoo industry and nature education particularly through its expertise in invertebrate husbandry and display. The book has sold 2205 copies in the past year.

Bugs Alive: A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates covers everything you could ever want to know about keeping Australia’s most fascinating terrestrial invertebrates. The book includes individual care guides for more than 90 species including bugs from tropical rainforests to our own backyards, each with a husbandry rating indicating the level of difficulty involved. Four detailed chapters focus on feeding invertebrates, housing them, keeping them healthy, and creating great displays.

The full colour book includes spectacular colour macro-photography by Alan Henderson, mostly of animals kept at Melbourne Museum. Years of experience in keeping these small animals has gone into this publication; the Live Exhibits Unit has kept well over 200 species. Many of these invertebrates had never before been maintained in captivity, making the museum the leading researchers in this field in Australia. This live invertebrate experience resides nowhere else in Australia.

Bugs Alive is aimed at a wide audience including children, school teachers, hobbyists and professionals – from beginners through to seasoned bug keepers. It is available now in the Museum Shop. This is a unique publication, as previously available guides only covered the care of overseas species. It is also timely, as keeping invertebrates is becoming very popular throughout Australia – you can now buy them in pet shops!

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