Ride to Work Day 2009

15 October, 2009

National Ride to Work Day was marked at the museum with high staff participation, a celebratory breakfast, and an announcement about the museum's new bicycle fleet.



Narrator:  It was Ride to Work Day on October 14th, and despite a drizzle of rain, Museum Victoria staff cycled in from all over Melbourne.

Anna McCallum:  Not too wet!

Tim Murphy:  I’ve got mudguards, there.

Bernard Caleo:  ...and of course, there was a bit of a look at the sky, but Ride to Work Day really got me going, and we chanced it, which was so good, because often you think “ah no, looks like it’s going to rain, take the car,” and it doesn’t rain! And you feel like a heel. You feel like a bike riding heel. But today I feel like the whole shoe.

Mark Norman:  Good turnout. Seventy-seven. Fantastic.

Narrator:  This is nearly twenty more than last year, and is equal to an eighth of all museum staff. Upon arrival, participants were rewarded with a breakfast and tracked their journeys on a map. There was a mix of regular riders, newer cyclists and those returning to the saddle after a break.

Peter Lillywhite:  I’ve been riding, on and off, for about thirty years to the museum.

Robin Wilson:  I might need rescuing on the way home

Narrator:  Maryanne McCubbin, official Ride to Work Day ambassador, loves her daily cycle to the museum.

Maryanne McCubbin:  You’re outside so you can engage with your environment, unlike when you’re in a car and you sit there and you’re frustrated, and not generally a very happy person. When you’re on your bike you just don’t have that level of frustration.

Narrator:  At the breakfast, she announced the museum’s new bicycle fleet.
Its aim is to reduce the use of cars and taxis by staff travelling between the museum’s four sites. The initial purchase of five bikes will test the idea, which is an initiative of the Climate Change Committee.

Maryanne McCubbin:  …and it will be really interesting to see how much use it gets and whether staff take it up. But it’s a really innovative idea and good on the museum for giving it a go.

Mark Norman:  The Climate Change Committee is very keen to support both the bicycle fleet proposal and the National Ride to Work Day. Now, it seems like a small event, you know, like Earth Hour, this one hour, or bicycle day is just one day.  But it actually represents a lot more. If we get a large number of staff engaged, it sends a very strong message to the museum staff and senior management that we care about what’s happening with the environment, we’re trying to reduce our impact, we’d like the institution to support things like storage facilities and shower facilities, and locking areas, and sort of raise the involvement of staff in how they get to and from work. Because it’s an enormous amount of energy spent to drive a car through peak-hour traffic to park in the car park, when people often get to work quicker by riding a bike along a safe bike trail somewhere.

Narrator:  Of course, there are other benefits to cycling too.

Maryanne McCubbin:  You need to do a bit of maintenance occasionally but apart from that it costs absolutely nothing. So, if you’re a very disciplined person you can put the money you would save riding a bike towards a big flash holiday.

Robin Wilson:  Just get out there and pedal!

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Karlie T 15 October, 2009 18:25
Bicycle Fleet is a great idea. People also normally arrive at work healthier and happier if they've ridden. P.S. Nice vid.
Ros 15 October, 2009 20:07
nice work museum! hope you have helmets to go with your bike fleet :)
Sue McB 15 October, 2009 20:24
Excellent and entertaining video - good on the museum for fostering ride to work day and promoting the benefits of bike riding!
andrew s 16 October, 2009 05:59
Nice insight into the staff's world. Makes me want to get on a bike.
bryn 16 October, 2009 09:01
Great video! Awesome result too- 1/8 of museum staff is a great achievement. I hope the bike fleet idea goes swimingly and that we keep hearing about the great things a-happening in MV!
Jareen 16 October, 2009 09:20
This is an awesome first MV Video news item! Do more!
Maya 16 October, 2009 09:31
Well done MV- you set a great example for progressive workplace initiatives.
Lou O 16 October, 2009 10:52
Great initiative! Peddle hard, MV!
Bec 16 October, 2009 11:25
Noice film, great tunes. Well done on your first video MV News!
radha 16 October, 2009 15:47
Nice vid. Love the music. Interesting example of a really smart green initiative.
Fiona 16 October, 2009 18:15
Hooray for bikes!
J-Lo 16 October, 2009 19:49
Has MV ever done a 'history of bikes' show?
Mark D 17 October, 2009 10:06
Congratulations, great video, very successful Ride To Work day breakfast, good on all MV staff for giving it a go, I'm sure most of you will keep enjoying riding to work.
wendy williams 19 October, 2009 21:43
Nice video - great idea to give us museum visitors a sense of who the behind the scenes museum folk are.
Discovery Centre 2 December, 2009 09:41

Museum Victoria conducted a research project on Australian Women Cyclists in the 1890s, which was undertaken by a staff member for her Masters thesis. It surveys the diversity of cycling activities that Australian women enjoyed in the 1890s, including sport and recreational cycling. We also have many objects and images related to cycling that can be viewed in our History & Technology Collections Online.

cody thomas 10 May, 2010 10:26
i think that the more people to ride to work global warming will slow down
Air force one 4 June, 2010 16:53
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