Video of bike fleet arrival


Andrew on ‘The Silver Perch’: It’s our new department bike for Live Exhibits, which we can’t wait to get into action, to be out on the road… with The Silver Perch.

Martin on ‘Westgate Wheelie’: The Westgate Wheelie will be very useful for trips under the West Gate Bridge, to and from Scienceworks.

Liza on ‘Jessie’: Jessie MacDonald was one of the earliest bike riders – female bike riders – in Victoria, in the late 19th century. Great example for us all.

Amanda on ‘Castel Felice’: The Castel Felice was a post-World War II migrant ship, so it’s appropriate to IMM because, you know: migrant ship – and transport.

Veegan on ‘The Enterprise’: This is The Enterprise, for visits out to Moreland, the final frontier; it will boldly go where no bicycle has ever gone before.

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About this Video

Introducing the MV bike fleet, fresh from the bike shop!
Length: 01:16