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Bronwyn Pike MP: Merri Creek Primary School students, it's lovely to be here with your teachers, and of course everyone who's been involved in developing this fantastic program. And I think I'm going to try and get this biodiversity application onto my iPad because I do spend a bit of time in Royal Park which is close to where I live. I go up there most mornings and I do see all sorts of interesting birds and other creatures there sometimes and being able to identify them and follow them over a period of time I think would be really interesting.

Jonathan: Now you're not allowed to actually know what it is, you have to pretend you don't know what it is.

Jessie: I can see six legs...

Jonathan: OK, it's either a Black Field Cricket or a Wingless Grasshopper. What do you reckon? Have a look at the photos, you can hit 'i' to get more information, you can hit the photo to bring it up larger. Have a look at this one here, the big one...

Jessie: Some are young and some are older.... well done! 

Girl: It's a Children's Grasshopper... no, a Children's Stick Insect.

Jessie: It's shaped just like a gum leaf and t would sit up there its whole life and just feed on the leaves.

Girl 2: It feels really wierd. Oh no, it's coming up to my head! 

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Biodiversity Snapshots launch in the Forest Gallery in August 2010.
Length: 02:16

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