Dachshund U.N. video



Bennett Miller: I’m really excited about the plaza and being in between these two great buildings. It got a lot smaller when we took it here because in the warehouse it filled the whole thing because we thought of it as this big monolith and then you put it out here…

So what we’re doing today is we’re putting in these little corralling boards and we’re trying to orientate the dogs to the front, and they’re good because they take advantage of the poor turning circle of a dachshund.

Zoe’s owner: Say hello, Zoe…. So their owners are all different breeds and types and we’re all a bit mad, I think.

Rex’s owner: He loves rabbits, doesn’t he. He’s actually got lost down rabbit holes a couple of times. Been a bit of a drama.

Frankie’s owner: It’ll probably be like a real U.N. I think there will be dogs who are grumpy and barking and then there’ll be the quiet ones like him

Obi’s owner: He’s a peaceful country. He’s a dove, not a hawk, eh?
Bennett Miller: I liked the relationship between Cuba and Bahrain, and Nigeria I enjoyed. We did have a few problems with the speaker, yes. But eventually we settled on Rex. We weren’t aware that Rex was showing up today but we were very impressed with his speaking duties.

Ashley’s owner: Oh look, you know, she’s always been able to win people over with her charm and good looks. It seems that whenever anyone ever sees a dachshund they always think they’re gorgeous and want to talk so it could very well be the start of something beautiful.

About this Video

Dachshund U.N. – a 2010 Next Wave Festival performance piece by Bennett Miller – attracted a large and delighted crowd to the Melbourne Museum plaza on 15 May.
Length: 3:44

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