Phar Lap Reunion video

16 September, 2010

The skeleton of Phar Lap, Australia's favourite racehorse, went on display next to his hide in Melbourne Museum today. It was reassembled and installed yesterday evening by MV preparators, conservators and installers, under the guidance of a Te Papa representative. 

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Phar Lap's skeleton is on loan from Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington. This is the first time the racing legend's hide and skeleton have been reunited since his untimely death in 1932.

The special exhibit is in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the running of the Melbourne Cup as well as the 80th anniversary of Phar Lap's 1930 Melbourne Cup win.

“Phar Lap had a remarkable career as a racehorse and this historic display is a fitting tribute to his significant place in Victoria’s racing history,” said Dr Patrick Greene, CEO of Museum Victoria. “I’m sure this will make Melbourne Museum’s most popular exhibit an even greater draw card.”

Phar Lap's skeleton will be on display in the Melbourne Gallery until 31 January 2011.

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trish 23 September, 2010 16:50
I went to melbourne 2 years ago to see my hero pharlap.And now im hoping to see his skeleton to.I have so much stuff on pharlap.I am his number 1 fan. Who eva killed him should be hung.
charmaine conaghty 11 October, 2010 18:09
I recently went to the melbourne museum but i couldnt see the Pharlap skeleton i throght it may have been at thr front of the museum when you walk in. so where did you put Pharlap?
Discovery Centre 12 October, 2010 16:05
You can find Phar Lap displayed in the Melbourne Story gallery on the first floor of Melbourne Museum. Just follow the signs to the right-hand sign after passing through the ticketing area and take the escalator to the first floor.
Quinn Kuresa 27 October, 2010 17:51
I think that Pharlap should got to New Zealand because if you were Pharlap woudint you want your body parts to be althogather not to 3 diffrent places but it s whole body should be nz because its a kiwi horse dont care if it raced in nz it should just got nz.
Alisa Ontikova 18 February, 2011 14:46
phar lap is the best
jordan 16 November, 2011 14:31
i love him
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