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24 September, 2010

Problem Solving strategies: Investigating pathways
Kids exploring problem-solving strategies at Scienceworks.
Source: Museum Victoria

What do video cameras, data loggers, sport and mathematics have in common? Local schools are finding out that learning about maths can be engaging and fun when you incorporating amazing contemporary tools.

Students from local schools participating in Scienceworks’ school partnership program are finding out just how useful and relevant maths is in everyday life as they learn problem solving strategies including finding patterns and rules as well as how to interpret graphs, based on real life applications such as designing routes between bus stops for a bus company wishing to reduce fuel usage.

In this program, students participate in a series of hands-on workshops over several weeks to explore a variety of maths topics including measurement, problem solving and drawing graphs. The programs are based on new maths programs being developed by Scienceworks but are modified to suit the needs of students and schools. The unique and rich resources at Scienceworks such as the Sportsworks exhibition form the backdrop to this program extending the student learning experience beyond the classroom.

The program has covered other themes such as ‘Working Scientifically’ including how to design experiments and ‘fair testing’ so that students can carry out their own investigations. Scienceworks staff have run sessions at schools (including; St Mary’s Primary - Williamstown, St Augustine’s Primary - Yarraville and Spotswood Primary) for students and teachers to assist them in incorporating the use of contemporary tools in the classroom. The sessions have included the use of data loggers, video cameras and video editing software to create presentations for target audiences and to investigate questions raised by students.

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Vick Myers 27 September, 2010 09:16
What a great to learn about the relevance of Maths as well as putting lots of technology to good use. Well done to all involved
Britt Gow 27 May, 2012 18:10
Just wondering if you have an outreach program so students and teachers in rural schools can benefit from this fantastic partnership opportunity? We could connect using Blackboard Collaborate or Skyoe?
Discovery Centre 28 May, 2012 09:27

Hi Britt - you may be interested in Museum Victoria's Discovery Program, who arrange outreach programs. You can read more about the Discovery Program Learning Kits and contact them via the web page here. You can also find out more about Scienceworks' current education programs and bookings via this web page.

Hope this helps

Liam Fletcher 15 May, 2015 13:02
I absolutely love Scienceworks and love the school program you are doing.
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