Settling into my new spot

April 3, 2009 06:32 by Margie

Wow look at me I'm being installed into the new exhibition. My friend Dean has been working really hard to make me look good, you can see him on the ground sorting out my tail.

Credit: Melinda Iser; Source: Museum Victoria


Standing on two legs!

March 2, 2009 08:07 by Margie


I'm currently getting a new 'look', all my bones have been individually cleaned and freshed up to make me look good for the new exhibition. I'll be standing on my hind legs like the picture below.

I've also added a picture of ramp (second image) that is being built, I'm going to be exhibited down the end near Diprotodon, he's the fellow you can see right at the end of the ramp.

Not long now only one month to go before I'm back on show and you can come and visit me again.

Artist: Kym Haines, Source: Museum Victoria / Credit: Kate Phillips, Source: Museum Victoria

Margie’s on the move!

December 17, 2008 09:39 by Margie
Credit: Rodney Start, Source: Museum Victoria


My time had arrived to start the process of getting ready for my new look in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition, I had ALL these men fussing over me (which was just fabulous) making sure I was taken apart in the correct way. I’ve got a video of the whole thing, take a look.

Margie’s Christmas special

December 10, 2008 11:26 by Margie

Credit: Melinda Iser,  Source: Museum Victoria

Do you like my reindeer ears? I think they are quite becoming.

Also I have this wonderful Christmas tree to look at which is very nice and environmentally friendly. Using low-energy production techniques and manufactured with environmentally friendly materials, it was designed by a company in Melbourne called Buro North.

Who am I?

December 5, 2008 11:31 by Margie

Margie the Amargasaurus. You pronounce my name a-marg-a-saw-rus (Amargasaurus cazaui to be technical). I’m from Argentina and lived there in the early Cretaceous period (a long time ago).  Being a sauropod I walked mainly on four legs, but occasionally I had to reach up on my hind legs to bite taller plants. You can see me now at Melbourne Museum in the foyer standing on all four of my legs but I won’t be there for much longer! Read my blog and see where I am and what’s happening to me.

Artist: Kym Haines, Source: Museum Victoria

Margie the Amargasaurus

December 4, 2008 06:47 by Margie

Credit: Melinda Iser, Source: Museum Victoria

Hi Margie here – this is my blog.

EVERYONE can see me as they walk in the door at Melbourne Museum and I’m quite the main attraction sitting here in the foyer. Though I won’t be here for that much longer….. .I’m going off display on the 15 December – getting spruced up for display in the new exhibition Dinosaur Walk.

Come in and say HI – take a picture of yourself with me as I won’t look like this in the new exhibition, I’ll be rearing up from the floor with my front legs reaching the 2nd level of the museum!

In 4 weeks I start the process of getting a new look – I can’t wait!