Common Nardoo

Common Nardoo
Common Nardoo (Marsilea drummondii) growing in Milarri Pond.
Source: Museum Victoria

Dullum Dullum (Wemba Wemba)

Botanical name: Marsilea drummondii
Family: Marsileaceae


A food source in drier country, spore-cases of this water fern appear as the water recedes and detach from the plant as the soil dries out. The spore-cases were roasted and the soft spores were separated out and mixed with water to make a damper.


Common Nardoo grows in all mainland states in flood plains, bogs and swamps in box and Red Gum woodland, riparian scrub and wetlands.


The stalks of this water plant reach 2–30  cm tall. It grows in boggy soil and can cover the surface of shallow ponds. Common Nardoo is dormant during winter in cooler areas, and it can be propagated by spores or by division.