Bulbine Lily

Bulbine Lily
The flower of the Bulbine Lily (Bulbine bulbosa)
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

Pike (Woi wurrung)

Botanical name: Bulbine bulbosa
Family: Asphodelaceae


Under the stalk and soft long leaves of the Bulbine Lily is a plump, round, sweet-tasting corm with many thick roots radiating from it. Traditionally, the corm can be eaten all year round and was probably cooked first.


This perennial herb is widespread in dry and valley sclerophyll forests, Red Gum woodland, and plains grassland in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.


Bulbine Lily prefers moist well drained soil and it will die back to tuberous rootstock in dry weather. If it’s provided with additional water it will continue to grow leaves throughout the year. It grows about 20 60–cm tall and 30–cm wide.

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