Small-leaved Clematis

Small-leaved Clematis
Foliage of the Small-leaved Clematis (Clematis microphylla)
Source: Museum Victoria

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Botanical name: Clematis microphylla
Family: Ranunculaceae


The leaves can relieve skin irritation but may cause blisters unless used in moderation. The roots can be eaten raw and taste peppery. The roots can be also be cooked in baskets and kneaded on a small sheet of bark into dough.


Small-leaved Clematis is found across Australia except the Northern Territory. This climber grows in grassy low open forests and, Coast Banksia woodland, plains grassland, primary dune scrub and dry sclerophyll forest.


This climbing plant requires well drained soil and will scramble up fences and other plants to about 1.5 m. It can grow in sun to part shade.

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Trunk of Small-leaved Clematis

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