Spiny-headed Mat-rush

Spiny-headed mat-rush
Spiny-headed Mat-rush (Lomandra longifolia growing in Milarri Garden.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

Karawun (Woi wurrung)

Botanical name: Lomandra longifolia
Family: Xanthorrheaceae


The leaves are used for making baskets. Once picked, the leaves are split down the centre and left to dry for three or more days. Before being worked, they are dampened with water for 24 hours to render them pliable.


Spiny-headed Mat-rush grows in grassy woodland, Red Gum habitat, dry sclerophyll forests, Coast Banksia woodland and tea-tree heath. It is found in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. 


Lomandra is now widely planted in Melbourne streets and parks, where it grows 0.5–1 m tall and 0.5–1.2 m wide. This large tussock plant can withstand dry conditions once established and can live in dry shade under trees.

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Flowers of the Spiny-headed Mat-rush detail of Spiny Headed Mat Rush

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