Austral Indigo

Austral Indigo flower
The flower of Austral Indigo.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

No Aboriginal name recorded

Botanical name: Indigofera australis
Family: Fabaceae


The crushed roots can be used to poison fish. The leaves are also a medicine for skin complaints.


Austral Indigo grows in all Australian states and territories. It is widespread in damp sclerophyll forests, riparian scrub and grassy open forest.


This small shrub grows to 1–2 m wide and tall. It is very attractive in flower with purple, white or mauve sprays from September to December. The flowers can be used as a blue dye. Austral Indigo can adapt to any well-drained soil and requires regular pruning to maintain shape and strength. It is lime tolerant.

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Austral Indigo flower

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