Victorian Christmas Bush

Victorian Christmas Bush
Victorian Christmas Bush (Prostanthera lasianthos) growing in Milarri Garden.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

Corranderrk (Woi wurrung), Geringdah (Taungurung)

Botanical name: Prostanthera lasianthos
Family: Lamiaceae


Men could start fires quickly with carefully chosen equipment. Victorian Christmas Bush can be used as the drill piece in conjunction with the flower stem of Xanthorrhoea australis as the butt piece. The Austral Mulberry is preferred as the drill piece.


This tall shrub is found in valley sclerophyll forests and damp conditions in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.


This small tree can be pruned into a hedge but needs protection from strong wind and mulching is beneficial. It grows 2–8 m tall and 2–5 m wide.

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Flowers of Victorian Christmas Bush