Trunk of messmate
Trunk of the Messmate showing its characteristic stringy bark.
Image: Rodney Start
Source: Museum Victoria

Wangnarra (Woi wurrung), Katakatak (Gunaikurnai), Daagonj (Taungurung)

Botanical name: Eucalyptus obliqua
Family: Myrtaceae


In common with other species of stringybark, this tree's outer brittle bark is powdered to serve as tinder to catch sparks when making fire. The inner bark can be used to make a type of coarse string for bags and fishing nets.


Messmate is widespread in wet, damp, valley and dry sclerophyll forests, and grassy open woodland. It is found in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia. 


Messmates can grow to 35 m and are tall, upright trees with dense canopies. Eucalyptus obliqua prefers moist, well-drained soils but will tolerate dry periods once established.

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MEssmate tree

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