Accessing the Humanities collections

Many of the Humanities Collection objects can be viewed online, in our exhibitions, or in exhibition loans to other organisations.

At present through to the end of March 2016, our ability to provide a range of access services is limited due to major collection projects and temporary limited staff resources.  Unfortunately this means that we must prioritise access to the collections and collection information.

Collection access will therefore focus on the needs of Aboriginal and Indigenous Communities seeking copies of images of family members.

For all other requests, including requests by researchers, publishers and students – please contact the museum from the end of March 2016 for further updated information on when your request can be facilitated.

We appreciate your patience.  As our resources improve, we will be more responsive to a range of access services.

Guidelines and application form for collection access requests

Application form for image access

Collection Loans

Loans to education, cultural or arts organisations will continue where possible, depending on levels of requests and the progress of the relocation project. Organisations are encouraged to contact the museum well in advance (12 months or more) to discuss feasibility of loans.


The program of repatriation of Ancestral Remains and Secret/Sacred Objects continues, and we will respond to all requests for information and repatriation promptly.

Research Questions

Our Discovery Centre can answer straightforward and curriculum-related requests. Curators and collection managers will address more complex enquiries on a case-by-case basis, and will indicate whether they can provide the information requested.