Eloise Coccoli

Assistant Curator, Collections Online

Eloise Coccoli
Eloise Coccoli in the museum's collection store.
Source: Museum Victoria

Eloise's role is to prepare and research Humanities collection items and stories for inclusion on Museum Victoria’s Collections Online website.


Playing hide and seek as a child in the cramped but fascinating wonderland of her grandparents' antique shop in country Victoria, Eloise developed a love of all things historical. This passion stayed with her into adulthood leading her into art history, archaeology and art curatorship at La Trobe University and Melbourne University.

Having previously worked at regional and state institutions such as the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Cricket Club Museum, Eloise now finds herself happily placed in the Humanities department working closely with curators and collection managers as well as the collection itself.

Eloise began working at Museum Victoria as a Collection Registration Officer in 2007 before taking on her current role in 2009. Her first task as Assistant Curator was to produce guidelines and support the department for the launch of Collections Online which now, some years later, has become central in presenting Museum Victoria’s collections to the world.

Current Activities

Eloise is responsible for the research, reference photography and data enhancement for a diverse range of collection items. To select, prepare and present Museum Victoria’s collection for online audiences, Eloise is both collection manager and curator. Eloise’s work requires the meticulous attention to detail that defines collection management and the ability to research and develop the history of an object.

Last updated 20 February 2014