Jason Gibson

Curator - Anthropology (Central Australia)

Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
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Jason Gibson is the currently the Curator for Repatriation Research at Museum Victoria. Prior to this Jason worked within the Museum as the Senior Research Coordinator for the 'Reconstructing the Spencer and Gillen Collection: Museums, Indigenous Perspectives and the Production of Cultural Knowledge' ARC Linkage Project.


Jason has an Honours degree in Sociology and completed his Masters by Research in 1999. His research interests have taken him to many remote places in Australia and also to Central America, where he worked with a United Nations sponsored radio station for a short period. Jason has over ten years of experience working collaboratively with Central Australian Aboriginal people and for a number of year's assisted remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory to establish digital archives of cultural and historical material. He has also been engaged as a documenter of cultural knowledge, mythology and social histories within the Anmatyerr region.

Jason's work history includes research consultancies with Aboriginal organisations as well as Australian Universities and government agencies regarding the design and delivery of cultural heritage services for Indigenous communities. Jason's research focuses on the Central Australian region where he has conducted extensive field and archival research. He has recently developed a detailed methodology for indexing the field diaries of the seminal anthropologist/linguist T.G.H.

Between 2009 and 2013 Jason worked within the Museum as an Honorary Research Associate with Museum Victoria and Senior Research Coordinator for the Australian National University. In these years Jason coordinated a major research project entitled 'Reconstructing the Spencer and Gillen Collection: Museums, Indigenous Perspectives and the Production of Cultural Knowledge'. The project involved research across multiple Museums in Australia and worldwide and a reassembling (in digital form) of the collection materials of anthropologists, Francis James Gillen and Walter Baldwin Spencer. Spencer and Gillen collaborated in their anthropological fieldwork between 1894 and 1912 and amassed an invaluable collection of glass plate photographs; objects, expedition diaries, correspondence and journals as well as some of the earliest ethnographic film and sound recordings made in Australia.

Current activities

Jason is currently undertaking research on the ethnographic collection and documentation of Mounted Constable Charles Ernest Cowle and is working with the Strehlow Research Centre on collaborative projects. Some of his other projects include a number of publications in the history of ethnography in Central Australia and the intercultural histories of this region. He is also working on a PhD thesis examining the little known Anmatyerr material recorded by T.G.H. Strehlow.

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