Marine Invertebrates Collection

The Marine Invertebrates collection encompasses invertebrates with the exception of insects and spiders. It includes crabs, sea spiders, lobsters, isopods, sponges, corals, worms, molluscs, echinoderms, protozoans and some non-vertebrate chordates. There are over 1 200 000 specimens in the collection, including several thousand type specimens. 

Significant items

  • Sponge collections of Bracebridge, Wilson and Dendy.
  • Bale and Trebilcock hydroid collections, along with BANZARE (exBMNH) Antarctic hydroids.
  • Baldwin Spencer earthworm collections, Giant Gippsland earthworm specimens, polychaetes from Western Port and Port Phillip surveys.
  • Macgillivray (1895) and Maplestone (1902) Bryozoa collections.