Liza Dale-Hallett

Senior Curator, Sustainable Futures

Liza Dale-Hallett
Liza Dale-Hallett
Source: Museum Victoria

Liza Dale-Hallett is a historian specialising in issues of sustainability, with a particular interest in contemporary issues that link city and regional communities.


Liza is responsible for the development of the Victorian Bushfires Collection. She is also involved in a range of other research and collection projects, including: contemporary domestic water use in Melbourne, the role and impact of women in agriculture, the history of the agricultural enterprise of H.V. McKay, and the issues of sustainability and its effects on the lifestyle, environments and future of communities in Victoria.  Liza is the Chairperson of Museum Victoria’s Climate Change Committee, which has involved her in strategies relating to carbon reduction, corporate bicycle fleets and behavioural change.

Liza began her career in Museum Victoria in 1987. Her first position involved the completion of the exhibitions for the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame (Longreach, Queensland).  In 1988 she was responsible for the development of the ‘Work in the Home’ collection. Since 1992 Liza has been responsible for the vast collection of material relating to agriculture, economic botany and sustainability.

Current activities

Victorian Bushfire Collecting Project

This project involves the active collection of stories, images and objects that document the immediate impact of the bushfires, the community response, aftermath and the process of recovery and renewal. This project also aims to document major bushfires that have occurred in Victoria's past. The project involves partnerships with individuals, communities, government and organisations across Victoria.

Women on Farms Gathering

This is a community partnership between rural Victorian women and Museum Victoria. The partnership is building a collection that records and acknowledges the diversity of rural women's experiences, documents the broader contemporary issues facing rural Victoria, and empowers rural women by their active participation in the process of collecting, interpreting and sharing their memories.

H V McKay & Sunshine Harvester

Research and collection development relating to the history of H V McKay and Sunshine Harvester is a case study in Australian innovation, workplace and community history. The project includes ongoing collection documentation, oral histories and image capturing of material for the Museum website.

Water Smart Home

This project aims to educate and inspire the community about how to live in an increasingly dry climate. An interactive exhibit and website present inspiring contemporary water saving stories from across Melbourne. The associated collection includes water related objects, images, interviews, educational material, and product publications.

Drought, Risk & Rural Endurance: Rethinking the Australian Climate

This project is based on interviews with Mallee farmers and others in the region about their experiences of drought and their perceptions of climate change. It explores the changes in perceptions of drought, from a periodic, unpredictable occurrence to an event that is shaped by fundamental issues such as rural environmental change, cultural survival, economic struggle and sustainable agriculture.

Staff and students

Liza works with students and volunteers on research and collection development projects. Current student and volunteer activities cover the following areas: H.V. McKay collection, Newmarket Saleyards collection, Victorian Bushfires collection, the Agriculture collection, the Women on Farms Gathering collection, and the experience of drought in rural communities.

Last updated 23 September 2016