Chris Rowley

Collection Manager, Invertebrate Collection

Photo of Chris Rowley
Photo of Chris Rowley
Image: David Paul
Source: Museum Victoria

Chris is responsible for managing, maintaining and providing access to Museum Victoria’s collection of invertebrate fauna and its data. Chris’ responsibilities cover animal groups as diverse as molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans, worms, sponges and jellyfish. Though primarily marine, the collection also includes terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates.


Chris commenced his career at the museum in 1984 where he was initially employed in the Preparators Department as a member of a team that oversaw the construction of several life size dinosaur replicas. At the conclusion of the project, he was retained to work on a variety of public program and exhibition projects. In 1988, Chris was appointed as Technical Assistant (Invertebrate Zoology), which eventually led to his current position as Collection Manager.

Chris has expertise in the preservation and management of biological specimens for research and exhibition. He has participated in a number of field surveys ranging from the Southern Ocean through to Central Australia. Through his interest in photography and microscopy, Chris has contributed a number of images to a variety of taxonomic and scientific publications.

Current activities

Apart from his usual collection management responsibilities, Chris is currently working in conjunction with the Conservation Department to undertake an audit of the museum’s wet Invertebrate type collection. Approximately 4700 lots of type specimens will be sighted, condition assessed for physical and chemical properties, and remedial/preventative action undertaken if necessary. Results from the audit will be recorded and entered into the database to provide valuable baseline data for future reference.

Last updated 8 November 2011

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