Dianne Bray

Senior Collections Manager, Vertebrate Zoology

Dianne Bray
Dianne Bray working in her lab
Source: Museum Victoria

Dianne's life-long interest in natural history was sparked at a very early age, and she has broad zoological interests, especially relating to the marine environment. Dianne has an MSc from Macquarie University, and joined Museum Victoria in 1999 after working at the Australian Museum for many years.

A keen SCUBA diver, Dianne has surveyed marine fishes in many parts of Australia, and elsewhere in the southwest Pacific. She is passionate about promoting the value of museum collections to research and education – how natural history collections underpin our knowledge and understanding of biodiversity and how it has changed over time. Another passion is finding ways to present information on Australia's amazingly large and diverse fish fauna to as wide an audience as possible.

As Senior Collections Manager, Dianne manages Museum Victoria's Ichthyology (Fish) and Scientific Artwork collections and oversees management of the terrestrial vertebrate collections, as well as the use and further development of KE EMu, our museum management system, within the Natural Sciences.

Dianne is an editor and author of Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast, published in 2008, and the three-volume Zoological Catalogue of Australia, Volume 35, Pisces. She also provided the content on fishes for the Port Phillip Bay Taxonomic Toolkit. She is also a member of Museum Victoria's Animal Care and Ethics Committee and has been a council member and Treasurer of the Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB).

Current activities

Fishes of Australia
Along with Martin Gomon, Dianne administers Fishes of Australia. This collaborative project involving members of OzFishNet was developed at Museum Victoria with funding from the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS). Fishes of Australia provides information, images, videos, distribution maps and interactive identification keys to our large and diverse fish fauna, numbering more than 5000 species.

The Australian Faunal Directory
With funding from the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS), Dianne is updating taxonomic treatments of the Australian fish fauna for the Australian Faunal Directory.

Redmap Australia
Launched in late 2012, Redmap Australia, an online tool hosted by the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science (IMAS), uses citizen science to engage marine communities and industries on the effects of climate change on marine environments and ecosystems. Museum Victoria is the lead Victorian agency for Redmap Australia, and Dianne is the regional representative. Redmap invites the Australian community to spot, log and map marine species that are rare or uncommon along particular parts of our coast. Redmap is essentially extending the research team by tapping into the 'eyes on the water' of thousands of swimmers, boaters and divers to track changes in the distributions of marine animals along in Australia's vast coastal waters.

Staff and students

Fishes of Australia project

  • Vanessa Thompson (PhD, University of Melbourne). Vanessa helped compile information on several fish groups, and worked with Martin Gomon to develop an interactive key to Australia's freshwater fishes
  • Greta Frankham (PhD, University of Melbourne). Greta helped compile information on several fish groups.

The Australian Faunal Directory fish team

  • Dr Alice Clement
  • Susi Maldonado
  • Dr Katie Smith
  • Dr Ursula Smith

2012 Matthew Warr, Honours student, Monash University, with Dr Bob Wong. Matthew investigated life-history trade-offs between the expression of female sexual ornaments and egg size/number in a sex-role reversed pipefish – the Widebody Pipefish, Stigmatopora nigra.


Last updated 13 February 2013

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