Stephanie Chapple

PhD Student, Marine Sciences

Steph Chapple
Steph Chapple
Source: Steph Chapple

Supervisors: Martin Goman and Joanna Sumner


Steph completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons) at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Her honours project, undertaken with the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution, investigated the phylogeography of the New Zealand endemic green skink (Oligosoma lineoocellatum) and spotted skink (O. chloronoton). As a research assistant in Dr Peter Ritchie’s laboratory, Steph also investigated the phylogeography of the New Zealand speckled skink (O. infrapunctatum).

Since coming to Museum Victoria, as a research associate and for PhD research, Steph has been involved in a number of projects examining the phylogenetics, biogeography and molecular systematics of several agamid lizard and skink species.

Current activities

PhD Research

Steph is currently a PhD student in the Zoology Department of the University of Melbourne. Her project examines the systematics and evolution of Australian clinids in the genera Heteroclinus and Cristiceps, known commonly as “weedfishes”.

Last updated 23 November 2010