Dermot Henry

Manager, Natural Science Collections

Dermot is a geologist and collection manager.

Man and volcano
Dermot Henry standing at the foot of a volcano.
Source: Dermot Henry


Dermot Henry has worked at Museum Victoria since 1982 in a variety of roles within the Geosciences collections. Since 2001 Dermot has been Manager of Natural Science collections. This role is responsible for coordinating the collection management functions across the Natural Science collections.

Dermot has published on a variety of mineralogical, petrological and meteoritical topics and has edited and contributed to three books on Victorian mineralogy. Since 1995 he has been the editor of the Australian Journal of Mineralogy. Dermot is a keen ‘field collector’ of rocks and minerals for the museum, collecting at sites around Australia and overseas. He has also encouraged significant donations by collectors to the Museum through the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts program.

In recent times he has participated in studies using synchrotron radiation for the analysis of Phar Lap’s hair and of ancient Egyptian pigments.

Current activities

Exhibition work

Dermot was part of the team that developed the Dynamic Earth exhibition at Melbourne Museum. He was responsible for the development of geological themes and content and the selection of specimens for the exhibition.

Mineralogy of Egyptian beads

Dermot is currently working on a project directed by Dr Mark Eccleston (Archeology, La Trobe University) and Peter Kappen (Physicist, La Trobe University) to examine the manufacture of Egyptian faience glazed beads. The project is to determine the mineralogy of the beads and their method of production. Its outcome could clarify the production methods of the jewellery and ceramics industry in Egypt between 1100 and 1500 BC. Analytical work has been undertaken at the Melbourne and Hamburg synchrotrons.

Science collections online

This project commenced in late 2010 to develop online access and ‘stories’ to components of the Geosciences collections as part of the overall Natural Sciences collections online project.

Last updated 10 November 2010