Micropalaeontology Collection

Foraminiferan microfossil
Foraminiferan microfossil under scanning electron microscope.
Image: Rolf Schmidt
Source: Museum Victoria

MV's collection of fossil plant spores and pollen (palynology) and fossil Protista (single-celled organisms) includes more than 10 000 slides and 14 cabinets of residues containing microfossils.

The slides contain fossil pollen along with residues from drill core samples that contain Foraminifera (single-celled animals that usually secrete or build a hard shell) and other animal and plant microfossils.

Collected during exploration and development of oilfields in Bass Strait, the materials on these slides are particularly important to the oil industry, being used extensively for stratigraphic correlation.

Access to the Micropalaeontology Collection can be arranged by contacting Dr Thomas Rich (Senior Curator) or David Pickering (Assistant Collection Manager).

Significant items

  • Cainozoic spores, pollen and Foraminifera from the Gippsland and Otway basins of Victoria.
  • The Isabel Cookson collection of Palaeozoic plants, Tertiary fungi, Tertiary and Cretaceous spores, pollen and dinoflagellates. The collection includes most of Cookson’s type specimens.
  • The A. C. Collins collection of Cainozoic Foraminifera from Australia and overseas.

Last updated 25 September 2007