Travis Park

PhD Student, Palaeontology

Travis Park
Travis Park
Source: Travis Park

MV supervisor: Dr Erich Fitzgerald


Travis is interested in the evolutionary history of marine tetrapods and what their fossils can tell us about their palaeobiology, ecology and environment. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Travis has lived in Australia since February 2007. After deciding to pursue a career in palaeontology, Travis completed a Bachelor of Biological Science and Honours in Biological Science at Deakin University. Travis’ Honours research looked at fossil penguins from Victoria and was completed in October 2012 under the co-supervision of Erich Fitzgerald (Museum Victoria) and Guang Shi (Deakin University). Travis co-authored three peer-reviewed articles published in 2012, the first on the discovery of an Australian representative of an extinct group of giant flying birds known as the Pelagornithidae, the second on the oldest known Victorian occurrence of a group of giant flightless birds known as dromornithids, with the third reviewing the fossil record of penguins in Australia.

Current Activities

Travis will commence a PhD at Monash University in February 2013, which will be co-supervised by Alistair Evans (School of Biological Sciences). The project will investigate aspects of the evolution of cetaceans. Travis will also continue his research into fossil seabirds, with projects on penguins and other taxa currently underway.


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