Catriona McPhee

Collection Manager, Entomology & Arachnology

Catriona McPhee
Catriona McPhee
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Catriona is one of the collection management staff responsible for managing, maintaining and providing access to Museum Victoria's terrestrial invertebrate collection and its associated data.


Catriona has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne and commenced working at Museum Victoria in August 1983 as the Technical Officer/ Collection Manager in the Entomology/Arachnology Department.

She helps manage the State’s collection of approximately three million specimens of insects, spiders and related creepy crawlies stored in jars in ethanol or dried and pinned in drawers. She assists with research and curatorial projects, field collecting and educational programmes such as Bug Blitz at Narmbool.

She has been involved in providing specimens, text, editorial expertise and presentations for exhibitions at Melbourne Museum (Southern Diversity, Science Arcade, Medical MelbourneDarwin to DNA, Bugs Alive, Honeybee Hive and Melbourne Story), Scienceworks (Spiders!) and the National Museum of Victoria (European Wasp Display, Skydancers - Butterflies of the World, Gargantuans from the Garden and Honeybee Hive).

She also wrote a number of chapters on the diverse terrestrial invertebrates found in the urban and rural environments around Melbourne in Melbourne’s Wildlife – A Field Guide to the Fauna of Greater Melbourne (Chapters 4,5 & 7-11).

Current activities:

Catriona is involved with ongoing collection management tasks and her current activities include the registration of types and other specimens, processing outgoing and incoming (returned) loan material and managing volunteers.

Last updated 28 June 2011