Peter Lillywhite

Peter Lillywhite
Peter Lillywhite

Senior Collection Manager, Entomology and Arachnology

Peter is responsible for the Science department's wet (stored in ethanol) and dry (pinned or microslide) collections. He also oversees the department’s collections database.


Peter started at the Museum in 1979 and worked in a technical capacity in the Invertebrate Survey Department until 2001. That position saw him involved in field work all over Victoria, parts of New South Wales, Southern Queensland and South Australia, the deserts of Central Australia, rainforests in Tasmania and freshwater streams on the Sub-Antarctic on Macquarie Island. Since then he has been part of the Entomology/Arachnology Collection Management team.

Current activities:

While not looking after the collection, Peter is involved in assisting Dr Richard Marchant with his field program. This includes looking at caddis fly (Trichoptera) species in a costal stream off the Otway Ranges, Victoria and freshwater invertebrates in the diet of Platypus in a stream in New South Wales.

Last updated 17 August 2010