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Desktop Services Manager

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Hi, I’m Herb Lim from IT and I’m the manager of the IT service desk.

When a stranger asks me what I do, I tell them I’m in IT. Then I have to get into tin tacks and tell them I’m in the service desk side, which involves hardware, software and all the questions that you want to know. It’s not the boring web stuff. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that.

In my job it’s important to, I believe, give good customer service to people, because if you don’t, they going to keep on calling you and they’re going to be frustrated and then they’re going to be angry with you. So if we can resolve their issues straight away they go away happy and occasionally they buy me a chocolate.

My colleagues, my work counterparts, they do a very good job and they deal with people very well and I’m happy to see that. I listen to what they say and I hear people just praise them all the time. So I’m happy.

I’ve only had 2 jobs in my life. Twenty years in the Air Force in communications... I started in communications and it evolved through to IT. The Air Force put me through university and from there I became a teacher in the Air Force (of IT) and that’s where I started.

Outside the office I’m a member of the State Emergency Service, so that takes a bit of training and a bit of time and we get called out all times of the night. I enjoy doing that. It’s good to work with guys in uniform. I don’t use computers at all when I’m out of work. I try not to touch them because that’s my life, I do it during the day!

If I had a magic wand, I’d make sure that all computers just ran smoothly and that way I could stay at home! No no no, it’s good. I like the interaction with people here at the museum. It’s very very interesting, and they come from all walks of life and that’s what makes me happy to come to work.

In the future, I think automation is going to be the next field, where we won’t have keyboards, we’ll either just use fingers on a screen, [or] we’ll speak to our computers via a microphone (as we can do now, via some software) and it’ll be all on the screen. So, fully automated computers.

What’s that?
swineWell, they’re the unused phones which all the museum staff give back to me. They always want the latest greatest gadget in phones, so they’re the rejects if you like.

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“...they go away happy and occasionally they buy me a chocolate....”

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