Jareen Summerhill

Online and Social Media Marketing Coordinator

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What’s that?
narwhalIt’s my narwhal. It’s probably my favourite animal in the whole wide world because it’s like the unicorn of the ocean, and they’re rare. So, yeah, they’re my favourite. [I got it] from a museum in the States when I was visiting on holiday and I just had to have him on my desk. He doesn’t have a name, actually… but he’s pretty cute.

paperweightThis is a paperweight but it’s amazing ‘cause it’s got a beautiful dandelion inside resin. Whenever I need a break, I look at it and just wonder how that that dandelion, intact, can sit in a resin block.

boarding passThat came from the exhibition when it was here at Melbourne Museum earlier this year and I loved the exhibition and I loved the boarding pass so I kept it. I worked a lot with the social media side of [the exhibition] with Frontier Events which was good fun – managing the Facebook page, tweeting, taking photos, it was really fun. So that’s another little reminder of that project.

If a stranger asks me what I do, I say… I help Phar Lap manage his Facebook page, and I Facebook and tweet and take photos and talk to people. That’s kinda it in a nutshell, that people can understand.

The first thing I do when I get to work is… check my email, check Facebook, check Twitter, see what people are saying about us. Sometimes I have to resolve a few issues or talk to a few people. That’s kinda what I do first thing and then I get my cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

The good, the bad and the ugly… The good - when people say how much they love the museum, but in particular what they love, like maybe it’s the little Polar Bear at Melbourne Museum or my personal favourite out at Scienceworks, the Noughts and Crosses Machine. I love it when people say they love specific exhibitions or exhibits or objects. The bad and ugly – would probably be just loving Facebook and Twitter maybe a little bit too much, where, you know, sometimes I enjoy it so much that I’m often talking during lunchtime, I don’t really get much of a break because I’m enjoying having the conversations with people. Or there’s so much that I want to share, like there could be a really good project or a really good exhibit on, that I just want to keep telling people about it. [I’m] one of the many online voices of the museum. There’s a whole team of us – including you, Andi.

Later this week... we’re doing an advent calendar online where we’re revealing objects on Twitter and Facebook every day and giving away little prizes and treats, but also I’ll be planning working on the Tutankhamun exhibition as well, which is exciting. Already, I know, it’s December, and it doesn’t open until April.

I first got into this area... probably working in customer service at Melbourne Museum and Scienceworks. I was a Customer Service Officer and then became, kinda working in admin here in the marketing team, and now online social media.

In my job it’s important… to have a thick skin. Be prepared for hear people say how they don’t like you or don’t like your workplace and be open to that, and that’s OK. I am [a really happy person]. It’s probably because I love my job.

In my job I never thought I’d… actually see a narwhal tooth, or a tusk, in my life, before. Just down the hallway, I was able to have a tour (which is part of my job) and I saw one in real life, a real one. And they’re beautiful, they’ve got a beautiful natural spiral toothed tusk, if you imagine like a unicorn... it’s amazing. It’s amazing.

If I had a magic wand… and this might be a bit cheesy, I would love to hear what the exhibits have got to say. I would love for them to tell me what their life has been like in the museum so I can share it with everybody. Often I try and imagine, if it’s working with a curator or exhibition developer, what the exhibition’s about. But I actually want to hear what the exhibit’s got to say! I want to hear what the Noughts and Crosses Machine feels like to be back at the old museum and being moved to Scienceworks, or, Phar Lap and how he feels, how he really feels. Does he really like carrot juice, you know?

If I had a crystal ball… I can see my job would evolve into something pretty big. And I think it wouldn’t just be me, I think it would probably be the way how we all work. I’d love to see our scientists, our curators, our customer service people, talking to our customers online.

Outside the office… at the moment I’m enjoying Christmas decorations. I’m loving decorating my tree, and it’s not one day of decorating the tree, it’s a whole month of decorating the tree. ‘Cause as soon as I find a decoration or I want to make a new decoration, I just make it and put it up, so the tree probably ends up falling over. I’m proud of that. I’ll share it online!

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“I would love to hear what the exhibits have to say...”