Collection Access Requests

The Discovery Centre coordinates all requests for access to Museum Victoria's collections.

Museum Victoria is undergoing a major collection relocation project which may affect access requests to some Humanities collections.

Some of the MV collection is already available online.

All requests for in-person access to the Museum Victoria collections must be made in writing.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • To which object, specimen or collection do you require access?
  • Do you require physical access to the collection or just access to the collection records?
  • What is the exact nature of your research and what is the reason for your request for access to the object, specimen or collection?
  • If your request is professional research on behalf of an organisation, please include its name
  • Please include any additional comments that may support your request

Museum Victoria receives a large number of Collection Access enquiries. Cultural, professional and academic enquiries receive priority. We cannot guarantee that collection access will be possible in all cases.

The Discovery Centre receives many enquiries. We aim to respond to all of them, but there may be occasions where we are unable to help you. Depending on staff resources and expertise, enquiries may take up to six weeks or sometimes longer. In-person enquiries cannot necessarily be resolved on the spot.

Museum Victoria does not:

• provide indications of value, worth or rarity
• sell our objects
• advise on or assist with commercial transactions relating to your objects

 Discovery Centre will not reply to enquiries related to any of the above. For advice on obtaining a valuation please see our Valuations infosheet.

All fields are optional unless specified