Donating Items to Museum Victoria

The Discovery Centre coordinates offers of items that relate to the museum's Collections and Research areas of Science, Indigenous Cultures and Australian History and Technology.

Monetary donations

If you would like to make a monetary donation or bequest please refer to our Donations page.

Donation offers

To assess donation offers, we first require photographs of the item. Please position a ruler beside the item in the photo to provide a sense of scale. It is also helpful to take photos from several from different angles.

Please tell us about the item you would like to donate:

  • What is the history of the item?
  • When, where and by whom was it made, owned or used?
  • What stories surround the object or the people connected to it?
  • What condition is the item in?
  • What are its dimensions?
  • Any other information about the story surrounding the item or the item itself (e.g. any distinguishing features, serial numbers, trade marks)

Please submit your image(s) and provenance information to the Discovery Centre in person or by post, or use the online enquiry form below.

Items offered for donation cannot be left with the Discovery Centre. We are happy to take digital images of any item brought in, but we are unable to keep hold of items while donation offers are being assessed.

Please do not post precious objects, documents or photographs. Museum Victoria holds no responsibility for items sent to us in the post.

All donation offers are placed in a queue. The Museum Acquisition Committees assess donation offers on a case by case basis. It may take several months before a decision is made. There is no guarantee that Museum Victoria will be able to accept items that are offered for donation.

The Discovery Centre receives many enquiries. We aim to respond to all of them, but there may be occasions where we are unable to help you. Depending on staff resources and expertise, enquiries may take up to six weeks or sometimes longer. In-person enquiries cannot necessarily be resolved on the spot.

Museum Victoria does not:

• provide indications of value, worth or rarity
• sell our objects
• advise on or assist with commercial transactions relating to your objects

Discovery Centre will not reply to enquiries related to any of the above. For advice on obtaining a valuation please see our Valuations infosheet.

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