The Melbourne Story

02 December, 2007

Question: I came to the Melbourne Museum to see the Australia Gallery and I was told that an exciting new exhibition is going to open in the Gallery soon. Can you tell me more about it?

Answer: Over past few months, visitors to Melbourne Museum have been intrigued by a number of exciting changes taking place in the Museum’s exhibition spaces.  Most recently, extensive redevelopments have been underway in the Museum’s Australia Gallery, where staff are busy installing the largest exhibition ever produced by Museum Victoria, The Melbourne Story.

Scheduled to open to the public March 2008, after more than three years in development, The Melbourne Story will be the most comprehensive exhibition ever created about the city of Melbourne.  According to Museum Victoria CEO, Dr Patrick Greene, “this exhibition will be essential viewing for every Victorian and will also reveal the extraordinary riches of our city to hundreds of thousands of international tourists.”

Museum staff restoring a carriage from Luna Park’s ‘Big Dipper.’
Photographer: David Crotty, Source: Museum Victoria

The redevelopment of the Australia Gallery reflects Museum Victoria’s commitment to producing new and engaging experiences for its visitors.  As staff complete preparations over the coming months, public access to the Australia Gallery will remain restricted.  To ensure continuing access to Australia’s greatest racehorse, Phar Lap has been temporarily relocated to the Science and Life Gallery.

You can read more about The Melbourne Story exhibition in the Information Sheet Preparing The Melbourne Story: The redevelopment of Melbourne Museum’s Australia Gallery.

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