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06 December, 2009

Australian Coin, January 26, 1788 showing woman with shield and ocean with lighthouse and ship.
Australian Coin, January 26, 1788 showing woman with shield and ocean with lighthouse and ship.
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: What is my coin worth?

Answer: We get frequent questions at the Museum as to the value of coins and medals (and other objects from a range of different areas) that people may be holding.

Unfortunately Museum Victoria is not able to provide valuations of coins, or indeed of any items.

How to get your items valued

Published price guides for items such as coins, antiques and stamps are often available through the municipal library system, and commercial dealers specialising in these items can be helpful.

A rough guide to current worth can sometimes be obtained by a search for similar items on online auction sites, although due caution should be exercised.

Another helpful resource is the Cultural Gifts Program’s 'List of approved valuers'. This is a Commonwealth-approved list of professional valuers, listed by state and specialty. These experts may charge a fee for their services, but they can be contacted for confirmation of any applicable fees or charges.

You can view the list in the reference library in the Discovery Centre at Melbourne Museum.

To get your own copy of the list, and for further information about the Cultural Gifts Program, contact:

Cultural Gifts Program
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601
Telephone: (02) 6275 9651
Facsimile: (02) 6275 9664
Website: (The 'List of Approved Valuers' is available as a pdf download in the right column of the website.)

Please note: Museum Victoria cannot tell you how much your object is worth. Please read this infosheet for further advice. We will not publish or respond to comments asking us to value an object.

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sam 28 July, 2010 07:22
I have a Edwardvs VII coin it has everything on it as described bar the s mint mark on the ground. Is this a real coin or a copy.
Discovery Centre 29 July, 2010 12:40

Sorry, Sam - we're not sure which coin you're referring to. In any case, determining the validity of a coin is best done with the advice of a coin specialist who can examine the item in your possession and advise accordingly. Each mint had its own traditions regarding marking or not marking their coins.

Alfred Brooks 29 July, 2010 04:58
I have a coin in bronze for the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition. I live in the US. Is there any interest in this coin?
Discovery Centre 29 July, 2010 15:00

Alfred, there were many coins and medals struck in relation to the 1880 exhibition. If you are proposing this medal as a donation to Museum Victoria's collection, please do so using this form, giving us as much information as you can about the particular item in your collection.

Siva 13 October, 2010 15:05
hey, my family is from Sri Lanka and on both my grandparents side they have Edwardvs vii coins and I'm wondering if they are real or fake and the exact description and mint of these coins. thanks
Discovery Centre 3 December, 2010 14:38
Hi Siva. The museum can't authenticate coins and, as with valuations, you should contact a numismatist. There could be Edward VII coins from a number of countries, so without images and details, it's not possible to tell you more about it. If you do a simple web search for 'Edward VII coins' you will come up with a number of websites that may give you further information.
ricky 5 February, 2011 07:30
i have found a set of 16151 red book uncirculated coins what should i do with them
Discovery Centre 9 February, 2011 10:04
Hi Ricky, you will find plenty of information online regarding options for valuations, check out the links on the right hand side of this page.  Alternatively, if you would like to offer the coins to the museum, please read the donation guidelines
maria rosa 9 February, 2011 00:36
quisiera saber como puedo obtener informacion sobre medalla al merito de j.c.chaplain,dubois, año 1898,plata, 120 grs.recibida herencia. gracias
david burton 10 May, 2011 05:46
I have a commemoration of the establishment of sunday schools medal dated 1880 Robert Raikes is on one side of the medal.Are these rare ?.
jo 6 June, 2011 05:48
samuel 27 September, 2016 21:57
No it not fake just miss struck but if it is blank on the back or front it is hope this helps you
Me not you 30 June, 2011 16:36
I am just curious, if anyone that has asked a question here can actually read? I love research and sites like this but; I can’t help but notice all the people who fail to do their work before trying to have it done for them. Let me tell you, your chances of hitting it big on some coin you have, is slim to none. Don’t get me wrong, keep looking, but leave these people to do their jobs and actually think for someone else other than you. I know you can think on your own. It will be fun, kind of like being a detective. The information we have available is amazing. You should try it some time.
John 26 April, 2012 19:14
Hi, I have found a coin with J.A.Wilson Palace Hotel on it with 6d in the middle on the other side it has D H across the middle. Could you tell me anything about it? Thanks John
Discovery Centre 13 May, 2012 10:48
Hi John, to do identifications we usually require an image. Without seeing your 'coin' we would imagine that this is a hospitality token similar to those on from the Palace Hotel on our Collections Online website. In fact we have a large number of these tokens in our collection, which possibly functioned in a similar way to the other trade tokens that were used as both replacements for coins and advertising for businesses in 19th century Australia. Information on the Palace Hotel on Bourke Street can be found in the book Whelan the wreckers, on the State Library of Victoria's Cole Tetlow Index, in the Encyclopedia of Melbourne here and here, and in numerous newspaper articles on the Trove website.
Rod 24 July, 2012 05:46
My friend found an 1857 M Somerville token using a metal detector on the island of Martha's Vineyard, USA. It's in amazingly good condition for all the years. If only it could talk...
Robyn 7 September, 2012 19:59
My friend has a 1899 Australian sovereign with Regina on one side and George slaying the dragon on the other. It has markings around the edges but we can't read them. We have only been able to find references to this coin as being gold, yet hers is silver. Any ideas? All we can think is that either it's a fake (a very good one apart from the colour) or a proof. Any clues would be appreciated! Thanks!
Discovery Centre 8 September, 2012 11:23
Hi Robyn, as far as we are aware the sovereign only came in gold. But other coins of the period featured exactly the same design and did not have the denomination marked. They were only identifiable by size and material. The 1899 Crown, an example of which we have in our collection, is silver and features this design. We suggest that you note the measurements of both these coins in our collection and measure your own to check which denomination it is. If you still think it's a sovereign we suggest that you contact a numismatics expert to find further information.You can find an expert by clicking the Numismatic Association of Australia link at right under 'External Links'.
sharon stokes 8 November, 2012 08:11
1897 oueen victoria coin george on horse back AS DESCRIBED ALL WORDINGREGINA FID DEF ANY INFO PLEASE
Discovery Centre 8 November, 2012 14:07

Hi Sharon,

Please refer to our Coin - Crown, Queen Victoria, Great Britain, 1897 webpage.

Peter Kay 18 November, 2012 18:58
I have two old pennies dated 1896 and 1907, would these be Australian or British coins, appreciate if you can advise.
Discovery Centre 20 November, 2012 11:44
Hi Peter, it's quite difficult to identify a coin based on a description. You may want to do a little further research by looking at our post on Numismatics and following some of the suggested research options there. Otherwise we do have an Identification page through which you can send images of the coins and we will endeavour to identify them for you.
Bill Whitfield 8 December, 2012 09:35
I have a commonwealth confederation medal 1901 which you have no picture of would you like to see it cheers bill
Discovery Centre 8 December, 2012 16:19

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to publish your photo. We will, however, eventually get around to photographing ours, but in the meantime, enjoy your medal!

Aida 24 July, 2013 03:51
I have a medal from Anne de costentin de tourville exactly as you have posted in this site can you tell me if its real or fake
rebecca robinson 8 August, 2013 11:57
I have a 1964 Australian penny with elissabith 11 on one side a kangaroo on the other side 1964 under the tail a star to the left initals kg above the kangaroo to the right
Luke Salman 6 October, 2013 09:54
Can you please email me the photos of the 1948 proof y half penny?
Discovery Centre 7 October, 2013 10:27
Hi Luke, why not try a quick image search on Google to find some relevant images, thanks!
adam shaw 22 February, 2014 16:47
Hi :) I cant remember when or how but i obtained a collection of British and some overseas coins. there's 2 i can find much info one. the first one is a 1968 Bailiwick of jersey 10 new pence and the second is a 1909 one penny (although i can only just tell because its very faded) is there any information on them anywere?
karim jivraj 4 June, 2014 22:30
Hi. I have a queen elizabeth the second east africa 1957 1 shilling silver coin... tried searching all over online but did not find anything. Which means its a very rare coin. Any interest? Please do email me!
chris carter 25 August, 2014 06:12
Hi. I have a Britanniar reg fid Def coin, dated1853 on the reverse it says victoria Del gratis. Her head is turned left and her hair is up and curly to the nape of her's a large bronze colour
Theresa Pascoe 27 October, 2014 16:09
Hi John, we have a 1820 token Iredale and co .made of copper and has iron merchant and iron mercers printed on it also Sydney across it and on the other side has Australia and a female holding in one arm looks like scales and in the left hand looks like a bag with coins coming out
Danny 24 November, 2014 01:51
I have a 1959 Australian penny the dot after the word penny is in mint condition it's an Elizabeth II just wanted to know if it's real
Dustin 27 November, 2015 14:19
I have found a 1897 Diamond Jubilee medallion. It has coat of arms with kangaroo and emu and rising sun. And the other side has two heads of Queen Victoria. Can you tell me how people received these medallions? Were they circulated or awarded to people? Thanks, Dustin
robert burns 4 June, 2016 11:31
i have an old coin which states 60 years of reign with two heads on one side
Casey credeur 15 August, 2016 14:14
I have this coin but not sure were it is from are what it means it has eygiption symbols on it on both side
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