Baby scorpions

04 April, 2010

Scorpion with babies on back.
Scorpion with babies on back.
Image: Alan Henderson
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Our pet Black Rock Scorpion has just had babies in the last couple of days, much to our excitement when we discovered this today... what do we do with the babies?

Answer: Here’s the lowdown on baby scorpion care! The babies usually stay with their mum for a few weeks, clinging onto her back and body. At this stage, they are pale in colour and they won't need food or water themselves. You don’t need to do anything differently to your scorpion during this stage, except minimise the amount of disturbance she receives.

Some mother scorpions will eat their babies if disturbed too often while they have their young on their back. Once the young leave their mother and start to move around the enclosure on their own they can be separated into individual enclosures (small versions of the mother’s enclosure). They will be darker in colour and a little larger at this point, as they will have moulted (shed their exoskeleton).

The young will be ready to feed by themselves once they reach this point, but need tiny insects, such as crickets or cockroaches, about half their own size. You might also find a general reference to invertebrate care helpful, such as Bugs Alive – A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates, which has a page dedicated to Black Rock Scorpions.

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hsvgirl 15 May, 2010 22:39
i have found 2 scorpions over 5 days i believe first 1 is the the wood scorpion and the other 5 days later the black rock. im pretty sure the black rock is pregnant. can they be in the same enclosure do they have the same needs. i found them in the same place my parents front step. its wet and cold there canons creek. thanks
Discovery Centre 19 May, 2010 15:39

Hi there. Our Live Exhibits team recommend separating these two scorpions, as "the bigger one will get the smaller one eventually." Sad but true!

Lilly 9 July, 2011 11:53
Hi, I have a pair of Australian Black Rock Scorpions and I'm not sure if my female is pregnant. Is there a possible way to tell or do I just have to wait and see? Also, if she does have babies, will it be too stressing for her if I move her to a new enclosure after I notice them? I would rather not loose them in the current, large enclosure that I house both my boy and girl in. Thanks anyone who answers.
Andre 25 January, 2016 09:23
Thanks for the concise advice, I was very surprised this morning to find my bark scorpion had babies and had no idea what to do!
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