13 October, 2010

Burston's bicycle,‘Victory’ brand high-wheel touring bicycle,1889, H. Bassett & Co.
Burston's bicycle,‘Victory’ brand high-wheel touring bicycle,1889, H. Bassett & Co.
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Does Museum Victoria collect bikes?

Answer: Many people know of the high-wheel bicycle on which Victorian George Burston rode more than 10,000 kilometres in the late nineteenth century. The Museum also has several other bicycles in its Road Transport collection, as well as historical photographs of people cycling. These objects regularly feature in exhibitions at Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum and Scienceworks. Recently, the Museum purchased a fleet of bicycles for staff to use as transport between venues. In addition, many staff-members take part in Ride to Work Day each October, using their own bikes.

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Stewart Mair 15 February, 2011 08:59
Would the museum, or other, like a Bickerton folding bike in good condition with original instruction book, free?
Stewart Mair 19 February, 2011 10:24
I am keen to give the bike to a good home. I do not know its providence, bought at a garage sale in Port Melbourne in about 1994. It is complete including lights. Information is at with accurate comments on Wickepedia. I will deliver. Stewart.
Discovery Centre 17 February, 2011 12:46
Hi Stewart - if you were interested in offering the bike and manual as donations to the Museum Victoria collectrions, can you please send us some more information on history of the bike and some images of the material you are offering via the "Contact Us' at the bottom of this page?
Robert Baker 22 October, 2013 00:01
One of our members bought a 'Kew Racer' bike and as a result I am planning to write an article for the Kew Historical Society on the purchase and on the history of the Cooper's Kew Racer, and the famous bike races that were held from about 1900 on. Does the MV have any photos or information that they can advise me about before I begin writing?
Discovery Centre 21 February, 2011 13:35
Hello again Stewart - please note that we will need more information from you on your intended donation than what you have provided here - please read our information on Donation Procedures on, and please also note that objects offered for donation cannot be left with the Discovery Centre; we are unable to keep hold of items while donation offers are being assessed.
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