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23 May, 2010

Rosemary Branch Hotel, cnr Maud & Jarra Streets, Geelong, Victoria, c1900
Rosemary Branch Hotel, cnr Maud & Jarra Streets, Geelong, Victoria, c1900
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: I have seen an image on your website that I would like a copy of. How can I get this, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

Answer: Museum Victoria has a very large collection of hundreds of thousands of images that are used in a wide variety of ways. They range from historic photographs of people and places, to images of collection objects; from photos of animals, insects and fossils, to shots of the museums, their exhibitions and galleries. We use these images in many different ways, including on our website, in publications, for marketing, in our collection databases and as research tools.

Discovery Centre coordinates requests for reproduction and purchase of these images for personal use and a myriad of other purposes, such as books, magazines, documentaries, films, family histories, websites and so forth. We don’t conduct image research but can help gain access to specific images that you are interested in. Image requests need to be made in writing and it’s important to read our image request guidelines first. We get many image enquiries and, with so many photographs in the collection and places in which they are found, this information is essential for us to process requests as quickly as possible.

If you want to use the image for private research or personal use, you are welcome to download, display and reproduce material that appears in our exhibitions, publication and websites in an unaltered form, if it is suitable. If you plan to copy, adapt, publish, re-sell, distribute or commercialise material for any other purpose you must make formal application for permission to publish. You can also purchase high resolution digital or printed copies from us.

When we know which image you need, in most cases, we will send a form for you fill in. There is a separate form for reproduction requests and another to purchase a copy of the image. We’ll also send a price list and the terms and conditions attached to the use of images. Once we receive the forms, we forward them to the relevant department. The collection manager of that department will then ensure that there is nothing preventing the image being reproduced.

All the images in Museum Victoria’s publications, exhibitions and websites are protected by Intellectual Property Law, which includes copyright and moral rights. Images of artworks and designs in our collection belong to Museum Victoria but the artwork or design itself will held by the artist, designer or other copyright holder. Images from the Indigenous Collections are also protected by cultural rights. This may limit what can be reproduced.

If the supply or use is cleared, a request is then sent to our image services department, which will print or put the image on disc and forward it to you. The process of obtaining images and permission to reproduce can take several weeks, particularly if there are complications involving rights to the image.

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JANET CIRILLO 27 May, 2010 11:42
I own the property 77 Maud Street featured above re image requests. The note on the image of the Rosemary Branch Hotel indicates that it is one of six images. Does this mean that there are 5 more images of this building on your files? I would like to obtain copies if this is the case. Yours sincerely, Janet Cirillo
Discovery Centre 27 May, 2010 15:59

Hi Janet. How exciting that you found an image of your property on our site! The 1 of 6 refers to the images on this particular webpage. There are six images illustrating the story. As indicated in the article, the photo can be ordered by clicking on the 'image request' link at top right. This image is part of our Biggest Family Album collection, sourced from donors throughout Australia. We don't appear to have another image of the property but the State Library of Victoria holds another image of the hotel from 1941, which you can order from them.

Perry Stapleton 9 June, 2011 17:52
I would like to order the following 2 images for use in our historical documentary "Wide Open Road: Australia through the windscreen". We require world rights in all media (including literary) in perpetuity. Would you please advise how I should order these and the costs.
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