Mother skink

04 December, 2010

Photo of an Eastern Three-lined Skink taken at Rockbank, Victoria, <I>Bassiana duperreyi</I>.
Photo of an Eastern Three-lined Skink taken at Rockbank, Victoria, Bassiana duperreyi.
Image: Peter Robertson
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Hi, my son found a Three-lined Skink and she has laid two eggs to our surprise! How do we look after her and her eggs or is the best thing for us to release her back where we found her?

Answer: Here in Victoria we are not allowed to collect animals from the wild without special permission. The best thing you can do for the skink is to return her and her eggs to the location where you found her. If she is returned back to that spot she should know the area and be able to find shelter and food.

Luckily, the weather is warm for the next little while - it is a good thing for her to be in a warm environment so she can move around and find a safe place to hide. Good luck!

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nayah 8 December, 2010 17:36
hi, im nayah from lebanon and i have a question for the egzibit called 67 000 000 years and tells us about dinours and there fossils. do you know who first discorvered dinours? and is there alive ones our a fool fossil
Discovery Centre 16 December, 2010 11:18
Hi Nayah! Check out our website for the exhibition 600 Million Years, and you might find some of your questions answered there!
Caitlin 19 March, 2011 09:51
Hey there! I'm working on a food web for school, and I'm having a bit of trouble finding info on the Eastern Three-lined Skink. Well, that is, I've found info, but I just can't find what their food sources are. Please Help! :D
Discovery Centre 22 March, 2011 12:48

Hi Caitlin,

According to the Bushy Park Wetlands website, Eastern Three Lined Skinks forage for insects and spiders around and under tussocks, fallen timber and embedded rocks.

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