What's in my box?

18 July, 2010

Contents of the red box.
Contents of the red box.
Image: Patricia Fitzgerald
Source: Patricia Fitzgerald.

Question: I have inherited an interesting box full of tools. Are you able to identify these items?

Answer: Thanks for your request. This is a lovely box. It contains a boot hook, a button hook and glove stretchers. The object with a wider end is hard to see, but may be a shoe horn (“shoe lift”). Tools like these were widespread in the early 20th century, and were used to make, alter and repair items of clothing. There are several items like this in Museum Victoria’s Clothing and Textiles Collection, which can be explored online.

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Derek Fiddler. 23 July, 2010 21:39
Can you include links in the answers? If so, I think it would be good to link "explored online" to the Textile Collection.
Discovery Centre 28 July, 2010 16:10

Hi Derek - On the right hand side of this page you will notice a box with a green heading titled 'Related Resources'. If you click on the 'Clothing and Textiles Collection' link it will take you to the Museum's online 'Textiles Collection' webpage. Happy browsing!

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